Collectively, during our various terms of incarceration, we have:
• Been isolated from family, sent far from home so that we were unable to maintain or restore supportive relationships;
• Wanted and only sometimes received educational resources;
• Experienced solitary confinement;
• Experienced confinement with unstable cellmates;
• Been sexually victimized by prison employees;
• Experienced the loss of dignity and hope.

We are people of faith who know that God loves and seeks dignity for all, regardless of our past or present circumstances. We are called to help create places of belonging and supportive community for each of God’s children and to challenge unjust systems of incarceration and re-entry.  We are a movement led primarily by persons who have been incarcerated. We know from our own years of inside experience the so-called benefits, and more often detriments of incarceration and the challenges of successful re-entry.

Strength to Love II has re-issued its RFP for consultant services to help develop the expansion of its agricultural initiatives to include an Aquaponic facility.  The first issuance didn't received an adequate response.  We welcome the paticipation of all interested parties to help us realize this vision.